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Toumback Frimousse
Stéphane Grosjean

Sheet music - Songs and Body Percussion

DVD and CD included. Body rhythmic games with voice.
6 songs to beat with toddlers - from 3 years old .

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Six songs to sing, to mime and to rhythm to engage a work of rich and relevant body language with toddlers!
All educators and teachers who discovered the three components of the Toumback collection were able to measure the interest and the merits of a pedagogical approach based on body control.

Many people then measured "living in one's body" as requiring real work on oneself in order to free oneself from the weight that often hinders access to an authentic and natural musical practice.

In this new opus, Toumback Frimousse, Stéphane Grosjean offers for toddlers (from the age of three), a repertoire intended to establish the bases of a rhythmic and melodic work in phase with their level. Focusing on a playful approach, he gives us an approach based on corporal games associated with singing that engages the child's whole relationship with his future musical practices.

The six titles that support this work are adapted to the physiological reality and the capacities of this audience (choice of tempo and lyrics in particular).

The experience with relay "infancy" and nursery classes for three years, Toumback Frimousse brings the relevance and pedagogical credibility that justify the merits of the formula "Everything is complicated before being simple".

The Toumback Frimousse offers a placement of body percussions with a soft graduation.

The author offers to discover:

> the gestures one after the other, (the videos of the DVD guide you)

> to experiment with simple rhythms,

> then as and when to mix them.

After these few exercises, the introduction of body percussion can be done on music, without difficulty.
The speaker can easily set up these rhythms without any notion of music.

Stéphane Grosjean - Toumback Frimousse - Partition -
27.10 $

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Grosjean Stéphane Grosjean Stéphane Grosjean Stéphane Grosjean Stéphane 
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Sheet music - Songs and Body Percussion
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Sheet music - Songs and Body Percussion
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