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I'm learning piano accordion
Manu Maugain

Accordion method - Sheet music

Original title: J'apprends l'accordéon à touches piano

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Really innovative, this method, entirely dedicated to piano accordion learning, goes straight to the point, with clear and precise explanations, illustrated by fully musical examples ... to combine the pleasure of playing with progress on the piano. 'instrument.
The first chapter introduces the basics and basics of accordion. The pieces are of a rather classic style, in order to develop expressiveness and a basic technique essential to better play the styles discussed later.
The second chapter is more technical, with the practice of scales and arpeggios. It will also be an opportunity to set up eighth notes, black dots and develop velocity.
The third chapter deals with more up-to-date styles, based on a more sophisticated accompaniment, designed with "alternating bass" and "bass".
Finally, the last chapter, consisting almost exclusively of pieces to play, will allow you to practice at more complex and syncopated rhythms such as Jazz, Reggae, Bossa-nova, Samba, Rock, Pop-rock or the Funk.
On the MP3 CD attached to the method, you will find through the 178 audio recordings offered, most examples, exercises and other pieces, but also multiple playbacks to accompany them.


Manu Maugain - I'm learning piano accordion - Partition -
31.87 $

Manu Maugain - Volume 1 Accordion Method - Optional CD Beginners - Partition - Manu Maugain - Volume 2 accordion method - Partition - Manu Maugain - Technical Exercises, Ranges And Arpeggios - Partition - Manu Maugain - Improvisation Jazz with accordion in 3D - Partition - Manu Maugain - CD - Accordion Method - Partition -
Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu
Volume 1 Accordion Method - Optional CD Beginners
Accordion method - Sheet music
 Volume 2 accordion method
Accordion method - Sheet music
 Technical Exercises, Ranges And Arpeggios
Accordion method - Sheet music
 Improvisation Jazz with accordion in 3D
Sheet music - Chromatic Accordion
 CD - Accordion Method
Accordion Method - CD
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Manu Maugain - Initiation to the accordion in 3D - Partition - Manu Maugain - CD - Volume 2 Accordion Method - Partition - Manu Maugain - Practice of the accordion in 3D - Partition -  
Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu  
Initiation to the accordion in 3D
Accordion method - Sheet music
 CD - Volume 2 Accordion Method
Accordion Method - CD ALONE
 Practice of the accordion in 3D
Accordion method - Sheet music
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