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Emma Maleras

Rhytmische Schulung
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There is no doubt that Emma Maleras is a great specialist in everything related to the study of rhythm.
Trained musically, first by studying the piano career and, later, flamenco dancing and castanets, she devotes more than thirty years of her professional career to teaching this last instrument to several generations of students. This vast baggage has led her to develop an educational method that she has perfected throughout her long career as a teacher and the result of which is developed in this series of books.
The purpose of these books is that the student acquires a true rhythmic precision by reading, regardless of the practice of the instrument. Castanets, because of their small size and dry and precise sound, are ideal for studying rhythm and have proved useful for beginners, adults and young people.
All studies and exercises of this method are accompanied by music of classical composers and popular melodies, which makes the practice pleasant and pleasant despite the slow metronomic imposed by the first courses. These accompaniments are included in the CD attached to the book, in audio format.
Book in GERMAN

Listen to audio examples from the CD:

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Example 3

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