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The surging Jain is back with a second album called "Souldier".
Announced a few months before its release by the single "Alright", this new album with exotic sounds continues the journey started with Zanaka, this time between Cuba and the Middle East where she spent part of her childhood. Album that also wants more serious with the title of the same name, play on words between soldier (soldier) and soul (soul), message of peace and love written in response to the shooting that took place in a gay disco in Orlando in 2016
A total of 10 eclectic titles written, composed and produced, still under the leadership of Maxim Nucci "Yodelice" but also with the collaboration of Sidiki Diabaté.
Find in this collection all the scores of the album in transcriptions for piano, voice and custom chord charts for the guitar.
Paperback, edited by Bookmakers, printed on ivory anti-reflective paper, ideal for musicians.

Jain - Souldier - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.com
29.60 $

Jain - Zanaka - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.comJAIN
Sheet music - Piano Voice Guitar
30.74 $