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Salsa Piano

Didier Marchand

Method of Accompaniment


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For the majority of jazz pianists, improvisation is the most appealing side of the piano. The biggest names in jazz are all illustrated in this area. To give the greatest number of people access to improvisation, this method proposes new pianistic designs for the sake of simplification and efficiency. In the first part, rhythmic and harmonic left-hand play will be studied in a minimum of time. . The second part offers a selection of 9 known standards and their jazz adaptations of jazz adaptations of French songs. Finally, the study of twelve exercises on improvisation will serve as a conclusion to this simple, clear and practical method. Monk Blues - blue moon - bluesette - it's so good - dead leaves - go down moses - pink honeysuckle - laura - my romance - night and day - satin doll - someday my prince will come - summertime - tenderly - Cécile my daughter

Didier Marchand - Salsa Piano - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.com
22.78 $


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Didier Marchand - Bossa Piano - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.comMARCHAND DIDIER
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22.78 $