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The Jazz Tubes Volume 1

Roux Denis / Garcia Thierry

Original title: Les Tubes du Jazz Volume 1



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Guitarists , if you like jazz this collection is ideal for you!

The audio CD: for each song (except Syracuse) you first hear the full version, guitar accompaniment, bass, drums with the theme, then the single accompaniment version on which you can play.

The scores: for each piece, the proposed scores are written in music notation and tablatures with chord diagrams representing the neck of your guitar.

- The harmonic grids: the harmonic grids give the exact structure of each piece as it is recorded on the CD. These harmonic grids and guitar chord diagrams are at the end of the book.

- Singing: it is possible to use the CD to sing all these standards with a pleasant accompaniment. You find the full lyrics (except Guitar boogie and Take Five) at the end of the collection.

- The bass: a bassist can join the orchestra by also identifying the harmonic grids annexed.

- The keyboards: as for the bass, it is easy to achieve an accompaniment by identifying the harmonic grids at the end of the collection.

Roux Denis / Garcia Thierry - The Jazz Tubes Volume 1 - Sheet Music -
28.65 $


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