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Pop and variety singing

Laigle Fabrice / Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre

Original title: Le chant pop et variété



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As its name very clearly indicates, this book aims to make you practice singing in pop and variety styles. We have deliberately discarded the study of the pure technique of singing (breath, vocal placement, octave jump, open draws - closed, articulation ...), evoked in the method Well Start Singing to focus on the techniques of singing related to pop and variety styles. It will be a question of phrases, rhythm, syncope, intervals, singing, chorus, notes held, onomatopoeia, groove, singing or a cappella, but also verse, bridge or still of chorus. The menu is already well loaded! Rather than making you work on whole tracks, we have opted for a more pedagogical approach in which the examples range from 16 to 32 measures and propose a specific work, with texts in French as in English. The CD offers playbacks for each exercise.

Laigle Fabrice / Minvielle-Sebastia Pierre - Pop and variety singing - Sheet Music -
21.49 $


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