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Cornix Method Volume 1

Jean-Olivier Beydon

Original title: Méthode Cornix Volume 1


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Cornix method
Jean-Olivier Beydon

During my years teaching young horn players, I could see the great diversity of students. The will to progress and the work capacity of each one depend to a large extent on the curiosity aroused by the teacher. The motivation of an apprentice horn player is the engine of his success and achievement.

Who did not observe the pleasure of a child during an attractive exercise? The result is striking when it plays to reproduce known tunes: the technical difficulties of the instrument are partially absorbed.

That's why today I propose a method based on:

• a varied and evolving technical work ...

• work from popular songs or excerpts from classical works (chords for piano or computer accompaniment) -

• work based on duets (primordial ensemble music and complementary to individual work).

This progressive method, composed of two volumes, is original because flexible. Children's learning can begin as early as seven years old. The teacher will choose, according to the speed of assimilation of each one, for optional lessons or a particular deepening.

Cornix is \u200b\u200bthe landmark speaker in the lessons. It draws the child's attention to basic essentials. It helps humorous memorization.

Jean-Olivier Beydon

Jean-Olivier Beydon - Cornix Method Volume 1 - Sheet Music -
27.33 $


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