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Best Of
Sidney Bechet

Sheet music - Piano Voice Guitar and the part for instrument in sib

Best Of Sydney Bechet

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"Sidney Bechet - Best Of" is a collection of scores published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of this child prodigy of clarinet and saxophone.
Born in 1897 in New Orleans, he was engaged at a very young age in the best orchestras of his city.
His talent and his inimitable style do not escape his audience which brings him very quickly to be invited to play with the greatest, sometimes in the United States (Chicago, New York) sometimes in Europe (England, France, Germany ...).
He spent the last ten years of his life in France, during which his son Daniel was born, and died in 1959 in Garches (92) where he was buried.

Find in this collection 18 of his greatest titles in transcriptions for piano, voice and chord diagrams for the guitar 1 detachable central notebook with all scores for Bb instruments integrating chords already transposed to facilitate chorus and bonus , 2 unreleased music scores: 'I'll be proud of you' and 'Sweet Louisiana'.
This book, prefaced by his son Daniel-S Bechet, also contains a complete bio of the artist, as well as exclusive photos.
Paperback, edited by Bookmakers and printed on ivory anti-reflective paper, ideal for musicians.

Sidney Bechet - Best Of - Partition -
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Sheet music - Piano singing and instrument in BIB
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