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A Little Suite Of Horror
Thomas Doss

Sheet music - Conductor and orchestral parts of harmony

Grade 21/2

Item number:

1726-10-010 M





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This small suite is composed of five independent and contrasting movements. It is therefore possible to create a work "a la carte", bringing together only some of the five movements of the suite. The scenario of this composition being lugubrious and diabolical, prepare the musicians and the public to live an agonizing experience ... Friday the 13th (Friday the 13th): With its mysterious virtues, Friday the 13th is not a day like the others. Midnight Scene (At midnight): In the silence of the night, we hear footsteps, crunches, the ominous cries of an owl while the twelve strokes of midnight parade the steeple. Suddenly, a magical silhouette appears in the room. Wurdalak: demonic creature close to the vampire, the wurdalak lurks in the Slavic countryside. The rumor of a bite is enough to terrorize and shake entire villages. Voodoo (Voodoo): The practice of voodoo rites has aroused the chills and provoked the spell of many people over the centuries. Halloween Party March: Hidden and illuminated pumpkins, skeletons, zombies, and a few other goose-bumps run through the streets. Who has the courage to join this haunted parade?


Thomas Doss - A Little Suite Of Horror - Partition -
164.84 $

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