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My 2nd Year of Trumpet

Michel Bourguet

Original title: Ma 2ème Année de Trompette

WITH CD. My second year of Trumpet

H Cube

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With My second year of trumpet, I wanted above all that this book takes into account the actual level of the students having made a first year, that is why the pedagogical progression of this method does not necessarily take place according to diagrams pre-established, but rather based on the reality of what an average student can do (reading level, rhythms, range, endurance, CD tempos, etc.).
Moreover, I did not want to propose an umpteenth notebook of songs with CD but a method where the student can find, of course, the playful side of the modern works, but also a real approach of the indispensable technical exercises (fingerings, ranges, sounds, flexibility, etc.) that have allowed so many successes and have made the reputation of the great traditional methods.
Each technical exercise is intentionally short (one to three lines) but chosen and placed in order to best prepare the new difficulties.
The new rhythms are put into practice with known tunes - the student, while asserting his musicality, can more easily make the connection between the written and the sound reality.
An approach of jazz, improvisation and contemporary music is also discussed.
I hope that this method is easy to read, effective, and that without avoiding the notion of work, it allows as many people to approach this second year in confidence, motivation and fun!

Michel Bourguet

Michel Bourguet - My 2nd Year of Trumpet - Sheet Music -
29.72 $


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