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The little lost ball was good

Verlor Gaby / Nyel Robert

Original title: Le p'tit bal perdu c'était bien

Interpreter: Bourvil


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Will we ever know why and how one song more than another will nestle in people's hearts over time, from generation to generation?

Certainly not, "the little lost ball" has entered the pantheon of songs that will never be forgotten, so little that it has faded somewhat, it will always be inevitably rediscovered. This is an erased song, I mean discreet, which without making noise has never made much talk of it, whose melody must be sought to catch it as well as memorize the lyrics.

She seems so simple at first, so obvious and yet as soon as you take her in your arms you have to show infinite tenderness and a lot of delicacy to make her a friend for life, to play and sing. This song is a small miracle of balance, the melody and the lyrics compete for poetry, between the two the osmosis is perfect. We must pay tribute to Gaby Verlor and Robert Nyel for having carved out this little masterpiece for us and those who will follow us, to Bourvil for having distilled its interpretation from it.

In the mid-nineties, it was another dance that came to the rescue of the “Little Lost Ball”, like what… Philippe Decoufflé will make a pretty duet choreographed with the luminous dancer Pascale Houbin. We have all seen it on television, it will have revived the memory of some and brought the song to the attention of others.

A song is like a film, each of which can shape mental images at will. This one speaks to us of broken ties, of time that has passed, of the other forever distant, of disappeared landscapes of which there is only dust, regrets and nostalgia. "The Little Lost Ball" undoubtedly belongs to neo-realistic cinema, the film is always and for a long time on the black screen of our sleepless nights, on its track in the evening will never fall entirely, the accordionists will never stop to play and the waltzers to turn the eyes in the eyes.

Dead loves endlessly reborn the waves of life, and that's fine ...

'Marc PERRONE © Editions bourgès R

2 Versions:
• Piano solo
• Piano singing and guitar chords

Verlor Gaby / Nyel Robert - The little lost ball was good - Sheet Music -
11.41 $


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