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Initiation to the accordion in 3D
Manu Maugain

Accordion method - Sheet music

Original title: Initiation à l'accordéon en 3D

DVD included. WITH CD. Accordion method for beginners

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"Initiation to the Accordion in 3D" is an accordion method for beginners, accompanied by a DVD Video and Audio CD, as complete as effective. The first chapter gives the novices the basic concepts to obtain a good performance of the lute, whereas the pieces of the first pages will be of a rather classical invoice, which is the best way to develop the expressivity and a basic technique essential for better play the styles discussed later. The second chapter is more technical, with the practice of scales and arpeggios. This will be the opportunity to set up the eighth notes and the black dotted and develop a little velocity. Finally, the DVD Video takes the main exercises as well as the number of this method, to facilitate your understanding. For its part, the Audio CD offers playbacks to implement the specific lessons of this book.

Manu Maugain - Initiation to the accordion in 3D - Partition -
27.10 $

Manu Maugain - Volume 1 Accordion Method - Optional CD Beginners - Partition - Manu Maugain - Volume 2 accordion method - Partition - Manu Maugain - Technical Exercises, Ranges And Arpeggios - Partition - Manu Maugain - Improvisation Jazz with accordion in 3D - Partition - Manu Maugain - CD - Accordion Method - Partition -
Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu
Volume 1 Accordion Method - Optional CD Beginners
Accordion method - Sheet music
 Volume 2 accordion method
Accordion method - Sheet music
 Technical Exercises, Ranges And Arpeggios
Accordion method - Sheet music
 Improvisation Jazz with accordion in 3D
Sheet music - Chromatic Accordion
 CD - Accordion Method
Accordion Method - CD
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Manu Maugain - I'm learning piano accordion - Partition - Manu Maugain - CD - Volume 2 Accordion Method - Partition - Manu Maugain - Practice of the accordion in 3D - Partition -  
Maugain Manu Maugain Manu Maugain Manu  
I'm learning piano accordion
Accordion method - Sheet music
 CD - Volume 2 Accordion Method
Accordion Method - CD ALONE
 Practice of the accordion in 3D
Accordion method - Sheet music
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