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Five snare studies with CD tape

Michel Pascal

Original title: Cinq études de caisse-claire avec bande avec CD

WITH CD. Level: Intermediate - difficult.


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Five short studies for snare drum, in virtual duet with fixed sounds, all coming from this same instrument. Without being exhaustive, these studies offer the young musician a wide range of techniques with chopsticks and fingers: position of impacts, ras, flas, rim-shots, mills, wheels, various bearings, rhythmic set-up, accelerated and slowed down. .
In the first, the student will focus on bringing to life the tempo constructed by the fixed sounds that exploit various resonances of the box itself, by walking on them like a magnifying glass.
The second is devoted to the keystrokes using the fingers. It plays on a space between the temporal grain created by a rapid pulsation, and many grains of sounds, stirred up to the random, as by a digital game inside the skin of the body itself.
The third, is technically very easy for chopsticks, but requires a feeling, a particular musical attention to integrate as musically as possible to the timbre of the fixed sounds. The weather is fluctuating: the rebound of chopsticks at a physically impossible speed until stretching the resonances of the tone of the skin like flat color out of time. In the fourth, devoted to flasks and flas, fixed sounds set a strict tempo against which the impacts will sometimes have to anticipate, sometimes delaying the highlights. The electronics there multiplies the sound of the box, in packets, creating aggregates a little as could do a small set.
The hemiol is a rhythmic figure in which binary and ternary divisions interpenetrate. The fifth study, probably the most difficult, plays on a fast tempo, various permutations of impact accents with both hands, which create various rhythmic figures.

Michel Pascal - Five snare studies with CD tape - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.com
28.70 $


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