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50 Best Of - Barbara


50 songs
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For 20 years, Barbara has not been there. Really ? We never sang it so much, we never talked about it so much.
Carla Bruni, Zazie, Sandrine Kiberlain, or Calogero claim everywhere its major influence. Bénabar resumes on stage "say when will you come back?" Jeanne Cheral takes her integral in her mp3. Vincent Delerm slips his name in the middle of his singing tour .. and almost none of these were born when Barbara offered her first great success "Nantes" in 1963.
Dizzying work, with lightning elegance and always hot current events, it just sounds of modesty, depth, integrity. Barbara remains one of the most singular artists of French song, which continues to influence the young generation.
On November 24, 1997 Barbara disappeared at 67, never having spared herself, having burned her life with the same ardor that she set to sing it. But disappeared or not, Barbara is more than ever there.
Find in this songbook 50 essential songs by the artist, mixing tubes and songs never published in scores, in transcriptions entirely reworked in piano, voice and diagrams of guitar chords. Embellished with many exclusive photos, exclusive quotes from interviews, original anodes and unpublished documents.

Barbara - 50 Best Of - Barbara - Sheet Music -
46.66 $


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