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The modes of the guitar

Eric Lemaire

Original title: Les modes de la guitare

WITH MP3 CD. Improvisation - composition

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Because we often hear anything and everything about the modes of the guitar, this method is committed to precisely define the contours and especially how to use them.
This one will open new musical perspectives, and this as well in the fields of the composition as of the improvisation, thus also of the accompaniment or the game in solo. You will find all the tools to compose modal grids and play or improvise on top.
This approach concerns all the musical styles, the modes being used as well by the guitarists amateurs of blues, jazz, rock ... that of variety or metal!
Even if it is a theoretical subject, do not think that this book could be indigestible or boring. On the contrary. The approach is simple, effective and especially fully musical ... because the practice, like the pleasure of playing, are the rendezvous over the pages, with a multitude of musical examples and playbacks to implement them. The MP3 CD attached to the method will be a first class help. Firstly because it will allow you to hear the musical examples as they are to be played and assimilated. "But also because with the many playbacks it offers (more than 5 hours of music in all! ), you will be able to practice freely, and especially "in situation", to play all the modes of the guitar.

Eric Lemaire - The modes of the guitar - Book - di-arezzo.com
23.35 $