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50 blues rhythms on guitar

Thomas Brain

Original title: 50 rythmiques blues à la guitare

DVD included. WITH CD.

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With no less than 50 rhythmic Blues inspired by the greatest "tubes" and guitarists of yesterday and today (Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, Albert Collins, BB? King, T-Bone Walker, etc ...), this method will feast for a long time. But not only...
Indeed, and besides the obvious pleasure that you will have to play them, these rhythms will allow you to discover and to work all the techniques which contribute to make good accompaniments Blues: triads, double stops, single notes, bends, barrés, glissés, hammer, pull-off, appoggiature, binary rhythm and shuffle, etc ... And this thanks to a preliminary chapter, which will tell you more about structures, rhythm, chords ...
The DVD Video allows you to hear and visualize all 50 rhythm in detail, at normal speed and slow motion, giving you the opportunity to perform the right gestures, choose the right fingerings and play rhythmically "in square" !
The mp3 CD is composed of as many playbacks as there are rhythmic. Or 50 playbacks, played at two different tempi: the lens tempo (real speed) and the tempo of ravail (slow speed). On the playback at real speed, the guitar is present in the first cycle to show you the way ... then disappears to leave you room! Finally, the duration of these playbacks is voluntarily long (4 to 5 minutes each, or more than 7 hours of music in all!), To give you time to practice in the best possible conditions.

Thomas Brain - 50 blues rhythms on guitar - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.com
32.45 $