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Easy Funk Play-Along

Ed Harlow

WITH CD. An easy way to improvise with 10 great tunes
Series: Play-Along Groove Collection


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The Play-Along Groove Collection Series

This collection of easily accessible songs allows young musicians to expand their repertoire. She is dedicated to a popular music of cool groove and the pleasure of playing.
For each piece, it is possible to play solo, accompanied by the CD. With harmonies and rhythmic backgrounds, we have a section of brass (or winds) up to 4 parts, with the option of combining the different instruments. The whole becomes a mini-band in the blink of an eye!
The pieces also prepare the way for novice improvisers: the sample of solo given as an example must serve as a conducting line as well as a collection of good musical ideas. By using the scales or basic diagrams noted at the beginning of the solo parts, even a beginner will be able to make his own improvisations.

Welcome to the world of Funk !!!

Easy Funk features 10 new songs ideally for beginners in funk, or for musicians with no experience of improvisation. All these songs, original, are designed for a training of 1 to 4 musicians, and presented in a complete way with their harmonies, their bakgrounds, samples of solos, and funky accompaniments on the CD.
Each of the ten titles has two versions: a complete sample of the piece's demonstrations, with rhythm section and brass, and another that includes only the rhythm section, without the brass. Using the demo samples, get a complete idea of \u200b\u200beach piece and the noted solos. Read the score and listen carefully to how the winds play rhythms, articulations and dynamics. But above all, let yourself be imbued with the warmth and positive musical atmosphere that radiates from the band.
Play with the demo sample as long as it takes to feel comfortable. Play with as much precision, and with the same energy as those you hear coming from all. Breathe deeply and support your sound! When you feel ready to groove comfortably with the brass section, try to do the same thing with the play along track, which does not have the brass section. Be careful to accurately render all the technical aspects of the music, and stay well in the music of the moment. At first, all that seems complicated to do at once, but by textierçant a little, you'll get there! And in the end, free to change rhythms, joints and notes, and play your own solo.

Indulge yourself, and good Groove!

Ed Harlow

Ed Harlow - Easy Funk Play-Along - Sheet Music -
26.53 $


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Ed Harlow - Easy Funk Play-Along - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.comHARLOW ED
Easy Funk Play-Along
Sheet music - 1 to 4 Tenor Saxophones
26.53 $