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Cézembre for Brass Quartet
Thierry Thibault

Sheet music - Trumpet, Horn in F, Trombone and Tuba

Brass Quartet

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Corsairs Island, the forbidden island ...

Cézembre has a past full of stories that has earned him all the names and rumors. Inhabited since prehistoric times, this large piece of moors and rocks, located four kilometers from the ramparts of Saint-Malo, has a unique panoramic view of the bay, from Cancale to Cap Fréhel. Vauban (1633-1707), a military engineer under Louis XIV, understood this and was quick to put the island at the heart of his defense against the English. If the attacks followed each other since its fortifications, it was at the end of the Second World War that Cézembre suffered the most. Occupied by the Germans, the island is a strategic place to prevent the landing. The Americans take it in sight and multiply the attacks at the end of August 1944. In a few days, more than 20,000 bombs and napalm attacks that ravage this Malouine advance. Thousands of bombs are still buried under weeds and can explode at the slightest unstable movement.

Even today, when you walk in the old town, you can not find any postcard of this strange place. As if we touched on the intimacy of Saint-Malo ...

Year of composition: 2007 Duration: 6'30 Level: medium Genre: contemporary


Thierry Thibault - Cézembre for Brass Quartet - Partition -
33.90 $

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Sheet music - Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Tuba
Sheet music - Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Tuba
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