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Drum Tab

Denis Dionne

A battery method without solfeggio
Play the drums right away without knowing the music theory


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For more than thirty years I teach drums and drums to a large number of students, and I have always taken care to respect the personality of each.

If there is no miracle method, a unique learning process, there are inescapable bases to understand in the practice of an instrument.

This book is the result of two years of work with one of my students experiencing difficulties in integrating the conventional reading of music theory. I developed this method to allow him to play the drums without reading a single note of music to overcome his handicap.

The purpose of these exercises is to provide a solid basis for assimilating the mechanisms of the battery language and for understanding the rhythm in a new form. Nothing will prevent later reading of scores in their classical form, the perception of rhythms will be facilitated.

The book is divided into two parts :

The first part takes the binary patterns of rock rhythms, the second part the ternary rhythms of blues and shuffle.

The principle is very simple: a drawing / a shot Start slowly and accelerate little by little.

The whole secret of interpretation lies in the regularity of the cymbals (or hi-hat), the "drive". Count aloud, get comfortable in the rhythm and put groove!

Children, teenagers, adults, people with disabilities, this method is for you.

Have fun !

Denis Dionne

Denis Dionne - Drum Tab - Sheet Music -
14.82 $


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