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The Trombone in the composer's imagination

Dominique Delahoche & Thomas Rocton

Original title: Le Trombone dans l'imaginaire du compositeur

Choosing and writing sounds for trombones
Introduction of Hugues Dufourt


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The Trombone in the composer's imagination


The body of the trombone, by Hugues Dufourt

The idea and the project
Musical notation conventions and abbreviations

The body-instrument
a) The inner sound
b) The whole body makes the sound
c) Danger of extreme game situations

Design and elements of the trombone resonator
a) The different parts of the trombones
(b) Mouths (mouth masks)
c) The mouth branch
d) The main tube
e) The pavilion

Trombones / Composing the desk
a) General presentation of the family of trombones
b) Instrumental terminology
c) The different paper clips
d) Practices and conventions of use of trombones to the orchestra

Coulisse and valves / Tablatures
a) Principle of the slide
b) Operation of valves / Equipment of various paper clips
c) Distance and number of slide positions according to the use of the valves
d) Tablatures in usual play mode
e) (De) Tuning the chord
f) Comparative tab of symphonic brass tessitura

Ordinary / Dynamic joints
a) Joints
b) Outfits, dynamics and extinction of sounds

Mutes and trombone preparations
a) General presentation of mutes
b) Study of the usual mutes (straight, harmon, cup, plunger)
c) Rare mutes
d) Instrumental preparation

Techniques on his ordinary
a) Lip and slide vibrato
b) Lip battery techniques
c) Valve techniques
d) Techniques of lip sweeping
e) Slide techniques
f) Language and air techniques

a) Techniques causing tension of the mouth mask
b) Techniques requiring relaxation of the mouthpiece mask
c) Techniques that do not require modification of the mask
d) Other techniques

Panorama of the imaginary
a) Internalizing the sounds
b) Some new perspectives on the trombone
c) Brief history of trombone sounds (in the orchestra)

Category / Instrument: Trombone
Genre: method - studies
Media: Book
Number of pages: 196
Size: 21 x 28 cm

Dominique Delahoche & Thomas Rocton - The Trombone in the composer's imagination - Sheet Music -
35.60 $


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