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Hello Madam Music!

Marie-Alice Charritat

Original title: Bonjour Madame Musique !

Method of sensory awakening


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This manual is composed of twenty-five sessions of sensory awakening. Each has a main sensory theme, illustrated by a song - the sessions are progressive and cover a school year of Kindergarten Section, Preparatory Course or Musical Awakening in music school. The child will illustrate each lesson and note its progress with the help of his teacher: At the end of this course, I am able to .... The teacher's notebook contains the main objectives of the lessons and some pedagogical or practical remarks about certain sequences. Note the low number of cognitive elements of music included in this progression - some appear at the end of the book. The goal of this year is to awaken children as much as possible to what surrounds them, so that they are at the peak of their ability to be receptive to receiving musical instruction from the following year. This awakening also goes, of course, by the gift of the taste of music, by the pleasure of singing and of listening.

Marie-Alice Charritat - Hello Madam Music! - Sheet Music -
20.36 $


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