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Abridged from music theory Volume 1 Rom

Claude Abromont

Original title: Abrégé de la théorie de la musique Volume 1 Rom

With CD . - The Bases - Cd-Rom Book Cédérom (6 Interactive Workshops Included) (Fayard / Lemoine, Coll Les Indispensables de la Musique)


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Easily acquire the knowledge necessary to practice music, listen to, read and invent small musical pieces, practice effectively through games stimulating understanding and musicality of each (the first adapted to children from 6-7 years) Here are some of the potentialities of this duo: CD-ROM. This formula, previously unpublished, offers the advantage of opening multiple access routes to the practitioner: traditional study using examples from the most significant works on the one hand, intuitive discovery and fun thanks to multimedia tools on the other hand.
PC version only, compatible with Windows 7 (note: not compatible with Windows Vista)

Claude Abromont - Abridged from music theory Volume 1 Rom - Sheet Music -
15.51 $


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