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Double bass method

Emilie Postel-Vinay

Original title: Méthode de contrebasse

Editions Henry Lemoine

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Writing a method of contrabass, when you teach, is certainly something you can not miss ... However, few teachers embark on this adventure, because it is one! This requires having faith, this need to transmit what we know. This is the case of Émilie Postel-Vinay. His method is classic and, also, inventive. So, I do not doubt its effectiveness! Sylvain Wiener (Professor at the CNR of Aubervilliers - La Courneuve, Assistant at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris, Contrebassiste of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris The contrabass has evolved a lot over time. she has become a soloist without renouncing her origins, her bass is the harmonic pillar of an orchestra, and her power knows how to assert the right rhythm! The repertoire has been considerably enriched, leading to new technical difficulties. for all beginners, whether they are very young or a little less, during the first two or three years of the first cycle.They aim to give the first exercises the pleasure of playing.The progression is meant to be fun. is divided into three parts: - The first, the most technical, consists of exercises for the sound and agility of the fingers - The second offers duets. s early, plays with his teacher. This allows him to access chamber music, to train his ear, to hear his teacher play a more difficult part than his, as well as to perform fairly quickly! - The third part consists mainly of pieces accompanied by the piano. To this are added some riddles and popular songs ... Émilie Postel-Vinay

Emilie Postel-Vinay - Double bass method - Sheet Music -
33.72 $


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