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12 Waltzes for double bass only

Domenico Dragonetti

Original title: 12 Valses pour contrebasse seule


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We have unearthed a real gem for the double bass player: a collection of twelve stylized waltzes by Domenico Dragonetti, a contemporary of Beethoven. This "Paganini of the double bass" grew up in Venice, then moved to London as an adult, where he probably wrote these twelve waltzes. This is undoubtedly the oldest solo double bass work that has been preserved. These attractive pieces have so far remained entirely new. Despite their requirement for virtuosity, they remain technically easy to approach and are not only suitable for the concert program but also provide excellent pieces outside the program as reminders. This edition, responding as always to the proven requirements of Urtext quality, thus fills a gap in the repertoire.

Domenico Dragonetti - 12 Waltzes for double bass only - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.com
14.43 $


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