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Volume 2 Flute Method


Original title: Méthode de Flûte Volume 2

16 Great Lessons For 1st Cycle Students

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The first volume of this method was aimed at beginner students. This second volume is intended for students from the middle of the 1st cycle. It is divided into 16 major lessons - each lesson can be a work of at least two weeks ... The objective of this book is to teach each student a method of work. The four pages that make up each lesson follow a logical construction that the authors sought to make perceptible. The invention is an important thread of this method. Let us repeat it: it is not a question of recreation, but of a strong and founding element of the musical and technical education of a flutist. Thus each lesson proposes: - a prelude, of which one must invent all or part - an exercise of composition or improvisation. In addition, starting with the eighth lesson, the Order Paper introduces students to the practice and writing of contemporary play modes described on pages 70 to 73. Some tips for students on breathing, sound, vibrato, double lick, etc. - they can not in any way replace those of the teacher ... A big thank you to Clément Joubert, professor at the conservatory of Orleans, who reread these pages and expressed useful appreciations.

BIGET - JOUBERT - Volume 2 Flute Method - Sheet Music -
35.60 $


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