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Body Tap Volume 1


Original title: Body Tap Volume 1



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Body percussions send us back to a primitive notion of music. By using only his body to emit sounds, gesture and musical thought are structured.

The aim of Body Tap is to develop attention, memory, creativity and sensitivity in a playful and collective atmosphere. Beyond the recreational meaning, it offers you a concrete way to make students aware of 'listening to others'.

Body Tap is structured around 4 pieces for orchestra and body percussion (hand, fingers, feet and knee). They were designed to acquire the basic elements of rhythmic language without any theoretical notion being necessary. Progressive rhythmic exercises are also offered offering a preparation for 4 pieces.

Each piece exists with the play-back for class work and additional tracks isolate on the CD the rhythmic fragments to memorize.

You can also introduce students to writing work as a workshop.
Authors: William Saint James - Julia Saint James
CD-booklet (28 pages - size 17 x 22 cm)

Guillaume SAINT-JAMES et Julia SAINT-JAMES - Body Tap Volume 1 - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.com
24.94 $


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