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The Flute awake

Claudine Bonodot-Martin

Original title: La Flûte en éveil

Method for beginner flutist with CD in 20 lessons.
Basic instrumental technique with 20 duets and 20 small pieces with piano (it's your turn!).
Collection translated into English, delivered with CD (full version and accompanying version) and separate piano accompaniment.

Editions Gérard Billaudot

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The Flute Awakens is the fruit of a long and rewarding educational reflection. In my flute class, I meet younger and younger children eager to begin instrumental learning . Also the desire to create a simple, adapted and musical teaching support came to me naturally. The first 3 lessons use the mouthpiece only. Then each lesson is structured according to the same schema: - left page: basic technique of the instrument . - right page: a nursery rhyme duet , a duettino and a piece to play with piano by Gilles Martin. This method in 20 lessons offers a precise learning logic in the constant concern of the progress and the well-being of the young flutist . The Flute Awakening is not intended to replace the flute teacher, transmitting his or her skills in an oral way, but is a solid foundation for the first year of learning .


Claudine Bonodot-Martin - The Flute awake - Sheet Music -
38.42 $


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