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Method PY 3.14

Pierre-Yves DUCHESNE

Original title: Méthode PY 3.14

The manual of the voice!

With the collaboration of Alexandre RAVELEAU


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The work of the voice is the work of a lifetime.

To acquire technique, a mastery, a sincerity, a personal signature, is not everything. We must "be what we emit" and maintain its instrument, heal and develop it, constantly. For 25 years, I have devoted my life to mastering this bizarre instrument that is the voice. The many encounters on my road, moving, enriching, successes, failures, clicks, incidents, helped me to open my voice, "the way" of who I am.

I propose a teaching without pain, without artifice, which will lead everyone to find his personality, his difference, his vocal color. I often say it and repeat it: "I did not invent anything", my method is the fruit of a life experience, a mixture of techniques as diverse as complementary. They nourished me and allowed me to develop a hybrid technique of my own: "My method". I have always struggled against the a priori reducers, against prejudice, refusals, brakes conservatives who claim that it is not good or not possible to cumulate a work on the voice of the chest, the mixed voice and the voice of head. This method proves the contrary.

My method is the one I teach relentlessly to my students or the artists I support. I propose a philosophy of life simple and clear, with words, sensations, natural positions, which will help to find a good respiratory hygiene and phonation, but also the knowledge and the conscience of your body <-strong>. My exercises help to free the voice without casing or artifice, to find the rooting, thanks to the energy of life, that of the earth.
With my classes you will learn to come back to the source, to welcome your shadows, to open the floodgates of your emotions, to let go of your old beliefs and your "pots", to reconnect with yourself, to relax, to find the vocal fluidity of childhood without limit or fatigue <-strong>. You will become machines to breathe well, even to sing well.

Dare! Try ! Expand! I am listening to you ... Have a good trip ...

Pierre-Yves Duchesne <-i>

Pierre-Yves DUCHESNE - Method PY 3.14 - Sheet Music -
43.98 $


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