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Looped ear - Initiation

Joëlle ZARCO et Valérie ROUSSE

Original title: L'oreille en boucle - Initiation

An approach of the harmonic ear by the sensory / CD included

Editions Henry Lemoine

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This workbook, with corrections and CDs, aims to train the ear to hear and distinguish, recognize and differentiate sound events - the practice of these exercises facilitates the learning of a predominant harmonic listening. The notebook begins with series of exercises of recognition, starting from a global listening and sensory, and progresses little by little towards the practice of the writing of the musical code.



Chapter I: Spouse / Disjoint
- Lesson 1: the notion of spouse
- Lesson 2: the disjointed interval
- Lesson 3: The perfect arpeggio chord
- Lesson 4: The fundamental of the perfect chord
- Lesson 5: digital coding
- Lesson 6: Coding the perfect chord - writing in neumes

Chapter II: the scope
- Lesson 7: Scoping on the Scope - Locating Sol and Fa Keys
- Lesson 8: line / line coding
- Lesson 9: coding and decoding - transcription of notes in real sounds

Joëlle ZARCO et Valérie ROUSSE - Looped ear - Initiation - Sheet Music -
25.16 $


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