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Beginner Piano Method - HERVE POUILLARD


Original title: Méthode de Piano Débutants - HERVE POUILLARD

Piano method for beginners by Charles HERVÉ and Jacqueline POUILLARD edited by Henry LEMOINE .

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... The reference method ...
The authors knew how to marry the traditional technical bases and the recreations of varied styles. The importance given to the phrasing, the respect of the nuances, the immediate use of the two hands, the knowledge of the keyboard, confer on this volume an interest to which the children will be sensitive. The approach is clear, precise, original. The presentation is attractive and practical: color illustrations, short texts, spiral binding for a good flat opening.

It is a great pleasure to write a preface for the Beginners Piano Method of Charles Hervé and Jacqueline Pouillard , a method that has been so well received in France.
As we all know, the first steps in piano learning are of utmost importance.
I find here a refreshing - yet logical - approach to the various pedagogical problems. The most important thing is that you make music from the beginning, avoiding tedious exercises.
The piano method offers a repertoire for beginners that is interesting and varied with, of course, graduated difficulties. The visual presentation is quite charming and irresistible. I really like the illustrations of JN Rochut. Designed with an admirable sense of humor, they are an essential part of the success of this method.

Paul Badura-Skoda

METHODE PIANO DÉBUTANTS - Beginner Piano Method - HERVE POUILLARD - Sheet Music -
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