The great classical melodies for the flute

Sheet music - Flute

Original title: Les grandes mélodies classiques pour la flûte traversière

with MP3 CD


Paul Veiga

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This work allows to work the great works of the vast repertoire of the classical music with the flute .

It has the triple objective of enriching your musical culture , improving your playing technique , but also more simply to make you happy by playing tunes known to the flute .

All major composers are honored, through one or more works.
You will find concerts, symphonies, sonatas, lieder, tunes and overtures, Renaissance dances, orchestral pieces, waltzes, ballets, but also instrumental pieces such as preludes, nocturnes, studies, walks, gymnopedies, etc ...

And so that the pleasure is really complete, each partition is accompanied by 2 audio recordings on the MP3 CD attached to the method. The first presents the flute part played on its musical accompaniment, while the second offers the only playback (musical accompaniment) to allow you to play the score with your flute.
In total, 174 recordings and more than 6 hours of music at your disposal!

22.05 $

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