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At the Volette

Benoît Tessé

Original title: A la Volette

With CD . Music Education for 5-7 years old by singing and dancing


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The purpose of this manual is to give tools to the pedagogical musician, the school teacher, the professional or occasional animator to offer children an open and fun musical education.
The basic material is a repertoire of children's songs that allow them to address the fundamental disciplinary fields of music education.
Each song is the subject of a sheet that offers activities to develop listening, singing, dancing and orchestral playing.
The songs can be presented in audition or in concert / show: a group of children sings and dances while a small group accompanies them, then the actors are exchanged with the following song.

All cards were used in schools with groups of 25 to 30 children in cycle 2 (large section, CP, CE1) and 1st year in cycle 3 (CE2).
The extracurricular workshop facilitators will profitably use these fun activities in the context of the new educational rhythms of 2013.
School teachers and musicians involved in school hours will find ready-made detailed pedagogical sequences meeting the latest Ministerial instructions from the National Education (Special Issue # 3 June 2008).
The content of these cards also meets the guidelines of the classes of awakening and musical initiation in music school and conservatory according to the educational orientation scheme of April 2008 of the Ministry of Culture.
The proposed activities are an opening to an upcoming musical and instrumental practice. It is a musical soil that is involved.

Through this set of activities, we will try to develop in the child the rhythmic feeling and the corporal comfort, the vocal gesture, the opening to harmony. The key that brings these elements together is listening.

The first objective is to bring the child to listen to himself by the sensation of his body. Dancing games, rhythmic games, contact with others will help him in this way.
The second goal is to promote the development of the vocal gesture to sing just, the ear of the children will be their best teacher.
The third goal is to play, sing, dance together and find a place in the group. It is therefore to implement a global listening.

The book is structured as follows. You will find a general description of the proposed method, as well as the educational tools used. Then comes all the cards.
The 1st group of songs is intended for children of big section. These songs will always be welcome in CP / CE1 because the children, if they already know them, will enjoy playing with them and discovering them differently. Some proposed activities are also intended for older children.
The second group of songs uses more advanced motor skills, structures and more elaborate forms. It is intended for the older ones.
The third group includes songs specifically designed to work motor skills. Associated music recorded on the accordion on the CD will serve as a base for motor skills for both children and adults, each according to his means. They can all be sung with the exception of No. 14 (In the snow).

The songs are proposed by level as an indication. Do not hesitate to walk from one level to another according to the needs in motor skills, the maturity of the group, the availability of children ...

At the end of the majority of cards, "towards the FM" offers reading tracks, coding, audition games for initiation classes of music schools or for those who want to go further.
The book is accompanied by a CD. The songs are recorded without accompaniment, sung by a man and a woman so that the speaker learns the song. Instrumental accompaniment is however proposed.
It is used for motor skills, games of space occupation, rhythmic tracking and transpositions. The percussion parts are also recorded as an example.

Benoît Tessé - At the Volette - Sheet Music -
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