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Farewell bells and a smile ...

Tristan Murail

Original title: Cloches D'adieu et un Sourire ...

In Memoriam Olivier Messiaen

Una corda

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Shortly after the death of Olivier Messiaen, the German magazine Musiktexte brings together in a kind of musical tomb texts and short pieces written in tribute to the great composer. It is in this context that Farewell bells, and a smile ... was composed. This is a small, unpretentious play, which takes up some aspects (the conduct of the speech and the three final notes, the farewell) of one of Messiaen's early works, his prelude for piano Bells of Anguish and Tears of Farewell . I tried to mix, among other allusions, some echoes of the bells that play in many of my own works, which respond to luminous resonances and bunches of agreements with smiling tones, because the smile of the last works of Messiaen was able to triumph Forever anguish and tears of old ... Tristan Murail

Tristan Murail - Farewell bells and a smile ... - Sheet Music -
14.78 $


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