Father Christmas Holidays
Eric Noyer

Sheet music - singing

Original title: Les Vacances du Père Noël

Game Sung In 3 Episodes For Children From 2 to 9 Years With Piano, Drums and Reciting

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A Cœur Joie

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This is an extraordinary story, full of humor, entertainment and unexpected situations! This is the story of a ... Santa Claus who loads his sleds and undertakes his journeys but decides to take a vacation because the competition of the fake father (s) Christmas is hard! It leaves for a distant country and wakes up in the middle of the ... The continuation will teach you it ... This partition allows an important educational and scenic exploitation: a beautiful spectacle that you can envisage for the end of the year festivities. ..

Eric Noyer - Father Christmas Holidays - Partition -
16.70 $

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Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric
The impossible meeting driver
Sheet music - Score
 Circus and Rubber Ball. Driver
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Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric
Lucie of Lights
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 Radio. Driver
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 Duck and Mandolin. Driver
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 The Three Trees Chorus alone
Sheet music - Chorus alone
 Noctambule. Driver
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