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Grojsman Didier / Edelin Michel

With CD included. Vocalises For Children's Choir. Before you sing well

Van De Velde

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This book is intended for singing leaders for different structures: children's choirs, choirs, elementary schools, colleges, music schools. You will find in this book to optimize the moment of the vocal warm-up. 21 sequences elaborated around three essential poles: choreography, body work and vocal and dynamic waking. Each vocalise is recorded on the CD on the one hand in a version interpreted by the children with instrumental accompaniment and then just the instrumental version so that the choir can sing in play-back. Home | Site map | contacts

Grojsman Didier / Edelin Michel - Vocalises - Book -
27.55 $


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GROJSMAN Didier / ÉDELIN Michel - Vocalises before singing well - Book - di-arezzo.comGROJSMAN DIDIER / ÉDELIN MICHEL
Vocalises before singing well

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