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Bel Canto Arien Vol 2 Mezzo Cd


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The printed text The sung text is presented in the original language with a word-by-word translation in German, French, Italian, English, and / or Spanish. With an additional transcription in the international phonetic alphabet, which assures the singer the best comprehension of the text, the greatest control of articulation and inflection.

The study version The melody of each piece is presented in a study version, supported by a simplified accompaniment (indications, harmonies, rhythmic orientation). Each example is played on a grand piano by experienced singers. Particular attention is paid to musical movement and breathing, and particularly difficult passages (coloratura for example) are also taken up in a slower tempo. Ornaments and cadences are presented separately, if any, and should be considered as suggestions that do not impose anything on the singer.

The spoken text A native speaker reads the text aloud in the original language, allowing the singer to hear the natural inflections and melody of the language, and to work the diction with "self-control system."

The accompaniment This is a piano accompaniment of each piece (you can use it to sing), presented with some indications (sets, chorus inputs) that are not usually found in the cuts for piano. An effort has been made to use only the most reliable editions available to date. The recording recreates the practical conditions of a piano rehearsal. Due to the nature of a CD, the choice of the tempo is here limited to one or, in some cases, two examples, and must also be considered as a mere suggestion. The accompanying version also takes particular account of the breathing and the musical line.

Rossini - Bel Canto Arien Vol 2 Mezzo Cd - Sheet Music -
40.05 $


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