Soprano / Baritone Operetta Duets

Sheet music - Piano singing

Original title: Duos D'opérettes Soprano / Baryton

Duos selected by Michel Verschaeve

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In the Operetta, the Soprano-Baritone duo has always been a success story. How not to be charmed by these Cahin, caha and Poussons escarpolette extracts of Veronique de Messager, the chuckling turkeys of the mascot Audran, the mangroves of You it's me Simons or We made a nice trip from Reynaldo Hahn's chives, not to mention the Planette's Bells of Corneville or the wedding of Jeannette by Victor Massé. All these successful tunes find a legitimate place in this collection. However, let us take advantage of the notoriety of these essential pages, to recall or to discover other duets just as exciting, as in Education missed, due to the talent of Chabrier. It is through total vocal and theatrical complicity that the performers will find something to express themselves in an effective and sensitive way. In fact, listening to the other will serve to best serve this delicate and expressive music. The soprano voice and the baritone duet bring at once a lightness and flexibility allied to a nobility and a grandeur always at the service of grace and good taste. The pieces proposed in this collection require no emphasis, no preciousness, but rather, and above all, a naturalness and spontaneity can only be the result of a demanding work and paradoxically very rigorous.

Michel Verschaeve

Soprano / Baritone Operetta Duets - Partition -
31.87 $

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Duetti Per Soprano-Tenore Volume 1
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Famous Opera Duets. Soprano Tenor
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