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Lucie of Lights
Eric Noyer

Sheet music - Conductor (piano singing)

Original title: Lucie des Lumières

Work for recitants, choir with 1 or 2 equal voices, soloists and piano.
For children from 7 to 13 years old (possibility of staging)

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A Cœur Joie

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Sire Eskil has just lost his wife with whom he had 8 children. He will remarry with Lucie, a courageous young woman who can take care of the whole family with generosity ... But Lady Rangela, the greedy grandmother, will soon seek to repudiate Lucie. Will she succeed in breaking the harmony that Lucy makes reign in the domain of Sire Eskil? This Nordic story features strong characters. The climate is harsh, the weather is fierce and the wonderful is still accessible (it will be enough of a burning prayer!). This legend is at the origin of the feast of St. Lucia in Sweden. On December 13, the youngest child of the house gets up first, puts on a crown of candles and brings drinks and treats to the whole household.

Eric Noyer - Lucie of Lights - Partition -
20.51 $

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