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The Roman Renart
Eric Noyer

Sheet music - Piano choir

Original title: Le Roman de Renart

Cantata For Choir Has 2 Equal (or Mixed) Voices Reciting (S) and Piano.
Text inspired by medieval stories

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A Cœur Joie

29.94 $



In a whirlwind of words and notes, the famous characters of Renart's novel: Ysengrin the wolf, Chanteclerc the rooster, Tiécelin the raven, the fish merchants, the tit, Noble le roi ... Each adventure is a musical duet between Renart and the character he meets. Our goupil can not help but take advantage of situations. Between a failed joke or a successful trick, he is always ready to rebound thanks to his wit. Yet complaints and anger build up against him. From day to day, the hour of judgment approaches ...

Eric Noyer - The Roman Renart - Partition -
29.94 $

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Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric Noyer Eric
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