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Puss in Boots
Nicole Berne

Sheet music - Piano singing

Original title: Le Chat Botté

Musical tale in one act for chorus of children in unison, reciting and piano accompaniment after the tale of Charles PERRAULT

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A Cœur Joie

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"Once upon a time there was an old miller who had three sons. When he died, the eldest inherited the mill, the youngest donkey, the youngest, he had only the cat ... "Thus begins the famous tale of Charles Perrault. Nicole Bern was inspired to write the texts and compose the music songs that illustrate this story for toddlers. The songs are short and well written, with covers for easy learning and memorization. A delight for toddlers who can also invest in a staging.

Nicole Berne - Puss in Boots - Partition -
13.80 $

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