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The Piano Lessons - Volume 2


Original title: Les Leçons de Piano - Volume 2

Piano Lessons


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The two volumes of the Piano Lessons have been designed to give young pianists all the basics necessary for piano learning.
The concern of the authors was to preserve the presentation, the progression and the clarity of the previous book but also to continue developing a methodology and learning techniques addressed in each lesson:

Reading on sight : allows to approach the deciphering from the first years. The goal is to try to avoid in the future the big shift so often found between the instrumental level and the reading of the music. This section will also allow the student to revise the bases acquired in the first volume.

Polyphony : aims to develop the meaning of polyphony in piano playing, that is to say the conduct and listening of different voices.

Technique : The proposed exercises were developed according to the specific technicalities encountered in the studies and the repertoire of each lesson allowing the student to better target and solve the difficulties encountered.

Studies : the studies were selected according to clearly defined criteria: their musical, technical and educational interest.

The repertoire : the choice of authors allows students to address different eras and different styles of the piano repertoire from the early years. Hoping that this will develop the curiosity, sensitivity and therefore the musical culture of the young pianist.

We hope that this collection contributes to a global approach to the study of the piano by promoting understanding and therefore the pleasure of this beautiful language that is music.


QUONIAM - NEMIROVSKI - The Piano Lessons - Volume 2 - Sheet Music -
30.90 $


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QUONIAM - NEMIROVSKI - Piano Lessons - Sheet Music - di-arezzo.comQUONIAM - NEMIROVSKI
Piano Lessons
Piano method - Sheet music
30.90 $