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4 Bouffes Operas - Volume 1
Germaine Tailleferre

Sheet music - Piano singing

Original title: 4 Opéras Bouffes - Volume 1

The Opera Girl and The Beautiful Ambitious

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The Opera Girl is the first opera of the cycle of Style Galant Style Naughty. Germaine Tailleferre composes it in the style of Rameau's Tragedies lyric: Pouponne left Arpajon to become a linenmaker in Paris. In reality, she leads a happy life, until the day when the financier who maintained it leaves her. But far from saddening him, this rupture allows him to freely love his lover, the knight Mistouflet. There followed a series of mishaps: the arrival of Pouponne's parents, the appearance of a whiting and a shoemaker. A project of flight is then very quickly interrupted by the arrival of a police inspector who wants to take Mistouflet to the Bastille for "pleasures too expensive". He can no longer pay Pouponne's debts! Never mind, Pouponne is ceded to a Milord and will become the Queen of the Opera!

The Beautiful Ambitious is intended to illustrate the romantic style, ie the style of the works of Boieldieu, Auber, Rossini. The story takes place in Paris, as for The Opera Girl, but this time at the beginning of the nineteenth century, in the Faubourg Saint-Germain, at the house of Countess Clementine of Lestourbi. The Countess possesses beauty, fortune, and a lover, Alphonse de Palpebral. Alphonse is only 25 years old - the countess claims to have 23 of them, and assures that her only daughter, Euphrasia, is still a nurse. This is not entirely accurate, but at least it is plausible. Clementine is so thin, so blonde, so divine, an angel! Such is at least the opinion of Alphonse at the beginning of the opera.

Germaine Tailleferre - 4 Bouffes Operas - Volume 1 - Partition -
42.83 $

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4 Bouffes Operas - Volume 2
Sheet music - Piano singing
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