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Accessoire pour Violoncelle

Original title: Humidificateur DAMPIT pour VIOLONCELLE

• Hangs in the hearing of the instrument
• Prevents the formation of cracks due to dry air
• With humidity indicator


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32.85 $


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Your Dampit humidifier is made of the finest materials. With proper care, it will remain effective for years.
Dampit is designed to fit inside your instrument, where it slowly releases moisture to reproduce an ideal level.
Regular use of Dampit will protect your instrument from deformations, cracks or detachments, and keep a perfect sound.

• Immerse the Dampit humidifier in lukewarm water, softener or distilled water.
• Press the Dampit humidifier to remove excess water so that it does not leak, wipe the outside of the humidifier and place it inside the instrument.
• When the humidifier is dry you can repeat the previous process.

Accessoire pour Violoncelle - DAMPIT Humidifier for VIOLONCELLE - Accessory -
32.85 $


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Humidifier for Cello Trophy

27.72 $