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Hearing protection Crescendo Music - 20dB

Accessoire pour Musicien

Original title: Protections auditives Crescendo Music - 20dB

The Crescendo brand hearing filters offer optimum protection while maintaining sound fidelity.


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Crescendo Pro hearing protectors have been developed to meet 4 essential needs:

- enjoy music at a safe listening level and reduce the risk of hearing loss over time
- offer a natural sound retaining dynamics, precision and balance between frequencies
- be able to follow a conversation normally without having to remove the protections
- be pleasant for long hours in any situation (reduced size, does not protrude from the ear, no feeling of pressure in the ear, natural ventilation of the ear)

The filter designed by Dynamic Ear Company (parent company of Crescendo) meets all these criteria. The use of these filters by many major brands of custom molded hearing protection is the best indicator of their success and reliability.

Characteristics :
- CE standard: SNR 19dB (complete filter cap system), the filter alone is 20dB
- Technology inspired by the Crescendo Pro range - Patented filter using mesh membrane technology ensuring protection, clarity of sound without distortion and dynamics
- Made in the Netherlands

The volume of live music often exceeds the safe listening limit of 85dB. Sounds exceeding this volume can cause damage such as tinnitus or long-term hearing loss. The Crescendo Music 20 allows you to safely listen to up to 8 hours of music at 105dB.

- a pair of acoustic filters with average attenuation of -20dB acoustically tested individually
- a pair of universal caps size M
- a pair of universal caps size L (sizes S and XL are available on request)
- Aluminum key holder storage box


Accessoire pour Musicien - Hearing protection Crescendo Music - 20dB - Accessoire -
22.62 $

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