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Short commentary


Original title: Petit précis du commentaire d'écoute

New edition


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Becoming progressively essential for any apprentice musician, the test of listening comment is now practiced during the last years of high school, in the advanced cycles of conservatories, as in studies of musicology. After listening to unidentified music, it is a matter of briefly synthesizing this last-nbsp-: determining in particular the instruments, the language, the character, the form, the particularities of writing, the historical situation, and propose a composer's name.

However, to date, there is no work of training in a discipline that is omnipresent in the teaching of music, dance or sound professions.

Accessible, complete, modern, often amusing, this Small precise fills this gap. It is the result of the experience of a musician himself seasoned to this practice. In a few chapters, always illustrated with examples, he builds a pedagogy combining references, advice, warnings, methods to progress, writing models and many practical tables.

A rigorous introduction to the world of musical thought, the Petit commentary is the essential instrument for the preparation of contests and musical exams but also a reference book for all music lovers.

Claude ABROMONT - Short commentary - Book - di-arezzo.com
21.98 $


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