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Guide to the forms of Western music


Original title: Guide des formes de la musique occidentale


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To give forms of Western music all their relief, this Guide has chosen to multiply the angles of view, combining historical, stylistic, aesthetic and expressive lighting. Each notion is systematically linked to the repertoire in which it is incarnated, while the In practice sections offer application models from a few pieces reproduced in a score.

Its content embraces the most varied forms, those of the suite, the sonata-baroque, classical sonata, rondo, rondo-sonata or lied, but also the contrapuntal, medieval, songs and Lieder , not to mention the most such as process forms, open forms and deferred forms. Several indexes and references complete the book, giving a list of works analyzed (from Leonin to Stravinsky and the Beatles, via Monteverdi, Bach, Haydn, Beethoven or Debussy), linking forms to genres, while proposing an index of musical structures.

Benefiting from the educational experience of its authors --nbsp - the one who has already made their previous Music Theory Guide a reference book in its field-nbsp-- this guide is intended primarily for students of the classes analysis, musicology, baccalaureate preparation and major levels of music training classes. By its clarity and openness, it should also concern the music lover and the performer.

ABROMONT Claude / MONTALEMBERT Eugène de - Guide to the forms of Western music - Book - di-arezzo.com
25.39 $


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