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Piccolo Saxo and company or The story of a great orchestra


Original title: Piccolo Saxo et compagnie ou La petite histoire d'un grand orchestre

Passport Tracking for Piccolo Saxo and Company
Text Jean Broussolle
André Popp Music and Orchestra
Read by François Périer
Pef Illustrations


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For a long time, musical instruments have lived without knowing each other. Then the violins, the last born of the family of the Strings, met by chance the funny family Saxophone. Grandfather Baritone made the presentations: his two sons - the tenor saxophone and the alto saxophone - and his grandson Saxo, the soprano.
Neither one nor two, all decide to go in search of the other families of the Kingdom: that of the Woods first, hidden in the trees, that of Drums and Hammers, and that of the Brass, finally.
Did they suspect instruments they had to discover around the world? The bagpipes of Scotland, the Hawaiian Guitar, the Balalaika of Siberia. But that's another story...
The disc is the original recording of 1957, with the voice of the actor François Périer. The book reproduces the text of Piccolo, Saxo and Co. and Passport for Piccolo, Saxo in its entirety.
The ensemble presents itself as a playful musical initiation, rekindled by the tender humor of Pef's drawing.
André Popp (pianist) and Jean Broussolle (author) make their debut in Parisian cabarets after the war. In 1949, Jean Broussolle joined the Compagnons de la chanson while André Popp worked as a conductor for the radio before being hired by Philips. In 1957, the record company commissioned him a musical initiation work for children. Piccolo Saxo & Co. is born, and soon receives the Grand Prix du Disque.

BROUSSOLLE Jean / POPP André - Piccolo Saxo and company or The story of a great orchestra - Book -
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BROUSSOLLE Jean / POPP André - Piccolo, Saxo and Co. - Book - di-arezzo.comBROUSSOLLE JEAN / POPP ANDRÉ
Piccolo, Saxo and Co.

18.19 $
Broussolle Jean / Popp André - Piccolo, Saxo and Company - Book CD - Book - di-arezzo.comBROUSSOLLE JEAN / POPP ANDRÉ
Piccolo, Saxo and Company - Book CD
Book Cd
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