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Music Education - Baccalaureate 2018: The Candidate's Booklet
Philippe MORANT

Original title: L'éducation musicale - baccalauréat 2018 : le livret du candidat

Birdland, Maurice Ravel, The Tailleferre Affair , Johann Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy and Jazz and the Orient .

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196 pages ; illustrations en couleur - 196

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The success of the "new formula" of the Music Education candidate's booklet commits us to continue along this path: that of color, tables, flash-codes, but also the adequacy of the questions to the imposed issues. by the National Education.
While the subjects of the baccalaureate are slowly changing to a question of aesthetic and philosophical rather than a real study of works and knowledge of periods and schools, it may seem paradoxical. Especially since the ministry has definitely opted for a comparative study, both as an optional option and as a specialty course. It is nevertheless with this comparison that we prepare the candidates, without however losing sight of the fact that this comparison must be supported by a solid knowledge of the works on the program, but also principles of musical writing.
This is why we have been working for several years to fill any theoretical gaps in the candidates. The musical theory is wrongly presented as a forbidding subject, whereas it is only the learning of an indispensable tool for those who really want to penetrate the mysteries of works. So we have chosen to place at the end of the volume a small "solfegic upgrade", for those who need it. The works of Debussy and Ravel imposed this year are difficult for those who wish to go deeply into their study. And we hope that these little "mementos" will help the poor.
As we will discuss later, the analyzes are designed for the most demanding of them. We have made sure that those who wish to limit themselves to the essentials can do so.
However, candidates for the optional option as well as for the specialty option will be interested in reading all the analyzes, in addition to the appendices.

Philippe MORANT - Music Education - Baccalaureate 2018: The Candidate's Booklet - Livre -
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