Letter to a young pianist

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Jacques Rouvier



1 vol. (200 p.) ; 22 x 14 cm - Paris - 2000

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From the teaching he received and his experience as a concertist, Jean Fassina developed principles of play and behavior at the piano, which he had a large number of pianists, from the Chopin Institute in Warsaw to the Juilliard School of New York, through the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and the universities of Tokyo and Osaka ... He wished today to give these principles the form of a book, so that his approach to piano is shared by a larger number of musicians.
In opposition to widespread teaching practices based on coercion, he aims to make free musicians, to educate their ear so that it guides them in the expression, in order to give the interpreters the technical means to translate their imaginary. Deploring that some notions are often expressed abstractly by teachers, it sets out technical principles that make it possible to put these notions into practice: what action must be taken to obtain such a sound, and hence, a musical effect? How, with an economy of physical means and the greatest flexibility, to make the best of the instrument? Based on a thorough knowledge of morphology, his method starts with the elementary (how to sit on the piano?) To lead the pianists to interpret the works with the greatest stylistic accuracy.

Jean FASSINA - Letter to a young pianist - Livre -
18.56 $

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